Christian Horner talks Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team, baking and never riding a motorcycle!

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  • I have to agree. The over regulation of racing machines is going to be the downfall of the sport. Wanting to create an even playing field puts a lid on innovation. Well. Skilled drivers are important but development is key.
    Texas Fan….

  • Y’all let journalists change. I worked newspaper for 20 years as a news.editorials and sports coverage. The job is supposed to be.. get the story from the person and write it as you got it. Now it’s just write about you saw. Think you saw or wish you saw. Take away some press passes. The rule is.. the first one to tell the story owns the truth. So. Hire A Press Agent to beat everyone to news market with your truth. Jump over the press and get to your people.
    Stop the Press Bullying.
    Love and Blessings from South Texas

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