Old friends Paul Hollywood and Shakey Byrne have asked a bunch of their friends to join them for a chat. From petrol heads to chefs, singers to actors. Join the boys as they delve into the questions you have always wanted to ask.

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  • Your heart comes through your baking for sure Paul, your smile could change the world in an instant but through this format helping these charities makes such a difference that will last and extend beyond your gifts and heart. Melissa

  • Hi dears
    Hope you both are healthy and safe.
    One more suggestion for your coming podcast , why not to interview one of your listeners once a month along with interviewing celebrities. I am quite sure they have quite interesting stories and different experiences to tell about. It is very good to get people engaged in your chat.

    What do you think?

  • Love this podcast. Fan of Shane since the Fast Bikes magazine days. Some great guests so far. Can we have Jamie Witham please?

  • Paul and Shakey, (Old Friends)
    I am having my lunch and listening to all your Podcast, I enjoy all of them.
    from biking to making pizzas etc. I am from the US and I love the way
    you guys talk, Paul can rock a bye me to sleep just with his ”VOICE”.
    Whenever this Covid eases up, I will be traveling to the UK for my vacation
    in September 2021 (Fingers cross). I hope I have the opportunity to meet my
    Favorite Chef.

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